Our fantastic range of training courses are for those who want to realise their ambitions of becoming a hair and makeup artist.

You will learn how to use the correct tools, techniques and methods required to work in the exciting world of hair and makeup artistry, create a photographic portfolio to promote your work AND benefit from a goldmine of invaluable business advice and contact, built up by Kiran through years of experience.

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Smouldering Eyes

Back to Basic Makeup Course
Duration: 5 Hours
Price: £250

An introduction to the basic skills of applying make-up with hints and tips for making the most of the best features

You will learn the key techniques for creating up-to-date looks for the day and evening that suit the face shape and skin tone


Through out the course I will be giving unique industry tips on enhancing features and cosmetic tips and tricks for application


Course Synopsis

  • Skin and skincare
  • Hygiene
  • Working with make-up brushes
  • Understanding your face shape
  • Understanding what is best for all skin tones, choosing the right products for you
  • Skin tone / foundation selection and application
  • Concealing and colour correcting
  • Contouring and highlighting according to your face
  • Setting makeup
  • Enhancing eye shapes
  • Perfecting eyeliner techniques
  • Brow grooming and defining techniques
  • Cheek colour application
  • Lip colour application
  • Using lipliner
  • Natural day makeup
  • evening makeup, including smokey eyes
  • Achieving a sultry smokey eye with a few simple steps
  • Luscious lash techniques


The Makeup Essentials Course – Bridal & Fashion Makeup

Duration: 3 days
Price: £1000

This is the perfect course that will take you from an untrained amateur to a highly proficient makeup artist, with unique and very marketable skills set within the space of 3 days. You will learn how to apply makeup from basic to advanced level.

Detailed practical training is provided on every aspect of your makeup tool kit and makeup artist hygiene. Kiran also provides detailed insights into the pros and cons of various makeup brands, different brand types and which skin tones they are best suited to.

Course Synopsis

  • Makeup Artist Hygiene
  • Skin Preparation
  • Foundation Selection and Application
  • Blushers – Powders/Cream/Glitters
  • Powders
  • Eye Shadow – Powder/Cream
  • Pencil/Liquid Liner
  • Mascaras
  • False Eye Lash Application
  • Creating Glowing Skin
  • Understanding of Photography and Lighting
  • Smoky Eyes
  • Bridal Make Up
  • Contouring and Highlighting
  • Lipstick, Glosses /Liners
  • Fashion and Catwalk
  • Natural Beauty Make Up


The Make Up Accelerator Course - Airbrush Makeup
Duration: 2 days
Price: £295

This course helps trained makeup artists to further enhance their existing skills, by taking a leap into a revolutionary new way of applying makeup. 

The makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods.

Airbrush makeup will add a new dimension to your services and enable you to stand out from the competition in a very crowded industry.


Smouldering Eyes and Arabian Nights
Duration: 4 Hours
Price: £150

After mastering the basics your ready for the next level! Perfect the art of a stunning smokey eye, blend away and get those edges feather light and soft.

Course Synopsis

  • The classic smokey eye, quick steps to getting it smoking every time
  • Go dramatic with arabic inspired smokey eyes and breath taking eye liner techniques.
  • Glitz and glam! Secrets to applying shimmer and glitter without fall out!
  • Contouring and highlights for the perfect sultry look
  • Celebrity inspired makeup and flawless skin
  • Luscious lips techniques



The Make Up Pro Course - Bridal/Fashion Makeup and Airbrushing
Duration: 5 days
Price: £1200

This course is for those who are serious and dedicated about fast tracking their careers as a makeup artist, and hitting the ground running with excellent and powerful skills sets.

This course combines the benefits of the makeup essentials course with the learning outcomes of the airbrushing course – a revolutionary new way of applying makeup.


The Hair Designer CourseBridal & Fashion Hairstyling
Duration: 2 days
Price: £650

This intensive course will teach you how to create cutting edge hairstyles from simple to intricate styles, and combines an excellent theoretical knowledge base with practical application.

Students are given a comprehensive insight into the latest hair styling products and tools, and how these suit different hairstyles and types. Information is provided from prepping the hair right through to finishing off the hairstyle.

An excellent course for the makeup artist who wants to add another dimension to her services.

Course Synopsis

  • Hair Product Selection
  • Tools of the Trade - Building a Session Stylist Kit
  • Blow Drying
  • Tonging
  • Setting the Hair
  • Braiding
  • Creating Curls
  • GHD’s
  • Fashion Ponytail
  • Hair Up Designs
  • Fashion Editorial
  • Weddings
  • Hair Pieces & Working Extensions
  • Classic French Pleat & Beehive
  • Celebrity Looks


The Total Look Course - Bridal/Fashion Hair and Makeup
Duration: 5 days
Price: £1,500

This course combines the learning outcomes of the hair and makeup courses from basic to advanced level. It is perfectly suited for the aspiring beauty professional who wants to offer her clients a complete portfolio of services to provide them with a perfectly coordinated “Total Look”, be it for bridal or fashion work.

The course intelligently weaves together theory and practice giving all attendees the perfect foundation on which to launch their beauty careers armed with a unique and powerful skills set. 


The Elite Artist Course - Bridal/Fashion Hair and Makeup, Gel Nails and Airbrushing
Duration: 10 days
Price: £2,600

This is our most intensive course which incorporates the learning outcomes of all the previously mentioned courses AND covers advanced and complex techniques in hair and makeup.

Course content is updated on a monthly basis to ensure that students are being taught the latest and most cutting edge trends to put them at the forefront of the industry.

In addition the course enables students to benefit from a gold mine of business advice, dealing with clients and some useful contacts within the beauty and fashion industry.

This course is ideally suited to the individual who desires to pursue a career in this competitive yet rewarding industry.

Additional topics covered:

  • Building a professional makeup kit and portfolio.
  • How to conduct a consultation.
  • A contacts sheet for industry leading professionals (photographers, retouchers and modelling agencies.)
  • Advice on purchasing discounts from brands such as MAC and BOBBI BROWN and where to purchase the products.
  • How to set up a company - liability and contents insurance, tax, Inland Revenue and managing your accounts.
  • Tips on marketing and advertising your business.

The Mehndi Maestro Course - Bridal Henna
Duration: 3 days
Price: £495

This three day intensive course introduces aspiring henna artists to the beautiful, mystifying and highly creative world of henna art.  The theoretical base gives students a very strong foundation and is perfectly matched with practical demonstrations of numerous different styles.

A walkthrough is provided on raw materials, henna production, application, and a variety of the latest techniques. The course paces you on creating simple designs before advancing to complex and intricate designs, including Arabic, traditional Indian/Pakistani and fusion styles.

Course Synopsis

  • Preparing the Henna Paste
  • Making Henna Cones
  • Henna Application
  • How to Create Basic Designs
  • Creating more Intricate Designs
  • Body Paints
  • Transfers
  • Glitters and Gem Stones

Portfolio Shoot
Duration: 1 day
Price: £1,000

A professionally shot and styled photographic portfolio is the crowning glory for a student to prove to herself and the world, what she has learnt from her course – a chance to put skills into action and capture them with glamour and panache.

We coordinate photo shoots for all our students at very competitive prices – a must for those looking to setup a business and show samples of their work to potential clients.

The following is provided on the day of the shoot:

  • An industry leading photographer.
  • A professional model and fully equipped studio. 
  • Two images will be retouched and provided to the client per outfit.
  • All raw images will be provided on CD.

Self Grooming Course
1 Day
Price: £250

This course is suited to clients who want to increase their general knowledge of makeup and personal styling and thus enhance their personal appearance on a day to day basis or for special occasions.

This course is filled with quick tips and tricks that will be invaluable to anyone with a keen interest in rejuvenating and taking pride in their appearance.

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